Notices for this Sunday – (Easter 4, Vocations Sunday) – (21 April 2024) and the week ahead.

Apr 19, 2024


Christ Church Lanark – Sunday 21 April 2024 (Easter 4, Vocations Sunday) – Sung Eucharist with Sacrament of Baptism – 10.30 am

Christ Church Lanark – Sunday 28 April 2024 (Easter 5) – Sung Eucharist – 10.30 am

Holy Trinity Lamington – Sunday 28 April 2024 (Easter 5) – Eucharist – 10.30 am

Preacher & President

This Sunday Drew will preside and preach.


The Steward on duty this coming Sunday is: Liz Clelland

Choir Practice

Choir Practices are suspended for the time being.

The Autumn Ladies

At their recent coffee morning in the Tollbooth the Autumn Ladies raised £368 for Lanarkshire Cancer Care Trust. At their meeting this coming Wednesday from 2 pm until 4 pm in the church hall they will receive a talk from Mike Taylor of Hamilton Museum on Art History.

Vestry Meeting

Confirmations & Receptions

The Vestry will meet on Wednesday 24 April at 6 pm on zoom. Draft minutes and the agenda will be circulated in the course of the coming week.

In June of this year I shall be celebrating the silver jubilee of my ordination to the priesthood. Bishop Kevin has agreed to come to Christ Church to conduct a service of confirmation and reception for anyone in the congregation who would like to be formally received into the church. If you would be interested in joining a preparation class, add your name to the list on the table at the back of the church. I will get back to you with possible dates for meetings.

Brunch & Browse

Please pick up a flyer from the table at the back of the church for our new Brunch & Browse initiative. There you will find details of the dates and topics of the first 6 fortnightly sessions. If you intend to come along, please add your name to the sign up sheet next to the flyers so that the organisers know how many to cater for.

New Daylight Bible Reading Notes

The next edition of the notes is due out very soon. If you wish to receive a copy, add your name to the sheet at the back of the church.

Away Giving Collection

Next Sunday, being the last Sunday of the month, all our giving in the open plate will be ringfenced for our next Away Giving Campaign in support of CHAS (Children’s Hospices Across Scotland).

Away Giving

In the year ahead the remaining recipients of our Away Giving will be: CHAS, Clydesdale Foodbank and Neuroendocrine Research.


When she is with us on Sundays The Revd Liz Clelland will offer pastoral prayer in the Memorial Chapel after the Sung Eucharist to individuals who would like it.

Provincial Online Services      

If you are unable to attend church but would like to engage in some kind of worship, click on the link below for access to the Provincial Online Service which is highlighted on the right-hand side of the “Home” page    

Church Hall   

If you hear of anyone who is looking for a hall to conduct a group or activity please direct them either to me (Tel: 01555 663065… Email: We currently have availability most mornings, afternoons and evenings of the week.

Provincial Youth News

Provincial Youth News

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