October 15, 2019

New Here?

Going to church for the first time – or after a break – can be daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on what you can expect when visiting Christ Church.

The first thing you can expect is a warm welcome from our team who help visitors at the door by saying hello and providing you with all you’ll need to take part in the service. One sheet will have the words of the service that we’ll join in on and the other will include the hymns chosen for that day. Feel free to do – or not do – whatever you’re comfortable with.

Sunday is when most people attend our church. Our worship style is mostly traditional, with hymns and choir, bible readings, preaching, communion and times of prayer led by a Priest. The service takes just over an hour and tea and coffee are served in the church hall after the service, giving people the chance to meet new people and join in the life of the community.

At Sunday Communion Services we receive bread and wine by which we remember Jesus death and give thanks for his resurrection. Breaking bread symbolises his broken body and the wine represents his blood shed on the cross. This act brings us into close communion (or relationship) with Christ and one another as we share it as his community.

We are part of the worldwide Anglican communion, which means those visiting from the Church of England, the Episcopal Church USA and other sister denominations across the world will feel very at home with our worship. We are also part of the Porvoo Communion of churches. However, many join our church from a Church of Scotland, Roman Catholic and Evangelical background. All are welcome here.

Feel free to contact us before coming to church to find out more about our beliefs or services. To find out more about the Episcopal Church and what we believe, please click on the Our Story page above.