Slider Post 1

This is a slider post! Notice the “Custom Fields” below – they are how you customize this slide. Essentially, all you NEED is the following:

1. featured_slide_img

The “featured_slide_img” custom field will allow you to enter a URL to the image of your choosing. Just upload it from the “Add Media” button above this text-editor and grab the File URL from the image. Remember it needs to be 940 x 284 px to fit into the slider.

Some optional things you can add:

2. featured_slide_caption – Quite simply, this field will add a basic text caption to the bottom of your image. No HTML, sorry! This version of the Nivo Slider doesn’t support that yet.

3. featured_slide_destination – Want this slide to link to somewhere? Add your destination URL here.

4. launch_this_in_a_lightbox – Want to launch a lightbox from the slide? Use this one instead of the “featured_slide_destination” and whatever link you put in there will load into a lightbox. Keep in mind there are limitations to this – it’s probably best to just link to images unless you are pretty comfortable with the prettyPhoto slider settings.

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