Deacon’s Deliberations

Nov 27, 2023

The Role of a Vocational Deacon

A Vocational Deacon has many roles, but, at its most basic, it is a servant role of word and deed. It involves serving God and God’s church humbly with God’s grace, both by assisting the priest in church services and taking the church out into the community. It includes strengthening and supporting the faithful and encouraging others.

A Vocational Deacon works closely with the priest whom the Bishop has assigned them to. Together they help bring the concerns of the world and the local community to God and the congregation through the preached word and the prayers and by encouraging the congregation to show God’s love in their community. while still serving God’s church and assisting the priest A vocational deacon will not be ordinand a priest but will always remain a deacon. They are able to baptise and conduct funeral services. It is not the role of a vocational deacon to take services with or without the reserved sacrament unless there is absolutely no one else available to conduct the service. Their role is to work in the community with local people who may or may not attend church, carry out home communions and make home and hospital visits.

I feel very strongly that this is my calling to serve God and the community. It is a huge pleasure and privilege to work and learn from our Rector The Revd Canon Drew Sheridan and to serve the congregation of Christ Church and the community of Clydesdale.

I am very grateful for all of the prayers and support that I have received and I would like to ask for your continued prayers and support. If you would like to know more about the role of a vocational deacon, just ask me, I would love to have a chat with you.

The Revd Jackie Fenton

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Deacon’s Deliberations

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