Spiritual but not religious

Many in the UK today – many in Lanark – describe themselves as spiritual but not religious. Maybe it’s how you respond when asked about your views. It’s good that many are still open-minded when it comes to the big questions. It shows that culture isn’t satisfied with the message that reality consists only of what can be seen, touched and measured in a science lab.

Tolkien Film Review: Where is God when we suffer?

I was asked recently how I find words to say when someone tells me, as their priest, they’ve just been diagnosed with a life-changing or life-ending illness. Human suffering, for many, is proof God isn’t there or at least proof that God is not worth believing in if he lets this kind of thing happen. Read more about Tolkien Film Review: Where is God when we suffer?[…]

Church can be boring.

If by ‘church’ we mean standing up and sitting down for an hour, singing a bunch of old songs and listening to a lecture on an ancient book that has no apparent relevance to the time and place we find ourselves in. I’d be bored too – and I’m a Priest. But that’s not what Read more about Church can be boring.[…]