Art in Christ Church

Oct 20, 2011

Christ Church has two copies of major paintings, neither of which is particularly valuable but they are both beautiful. Just inside the main entrance is a large picture by Silvio Zocchi which is a copy of the famous Raphael painting, “The Madonna of the Goldfinch” which hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. This painting shows Mary with the two cousins Jesus and John the Baptist and a goldfinch. The goldfinch is a symbol of Christ’s future violent death.

The one above the pulpit is a watercolour painting by Galeoti (around 1800) actually showing the central part of Andea del Sartos’ painting “Madonna and the Harpies” (1500) It shows Mary holding baby Jesus.

Behind the altar in the side chapel there is also a small Tryptich. This is divided into three sections, which are hinged together and folded during Lent. When folded, there is a small painting of Veronica and the cloth that bears the image of Christ’s face. It is interesting to note that the fanciful derivation of the name Veronica comes from the words Vera Icon (ikon) meaning “true image”.

Christmas Services at Christ Church

Christmas Services at Christ Church

ADVENT 4 (Sunday 24th December)10.30 am – Sung Eucharist CHRISTMAS EVE (Sunday 24th December) 6.30 pm – Lessons & Carols...