Maundy Thursday

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Reflection by Ms Sheila Cardwell

Here in our readings for Maundy Thursday, we have two suppers.

The first set out for us in Exodus Ch 12. The scene is set in the homes of the Israelites after the 9th plague  inflicted by God on Pharaoh and Egypt, sent because they would not let the people of Israel go from Egypt. Now they faced the 10th plague – the deadliest yet. Stay at home (verse 22) was the order the people of Israel were given, no one was to leave. They had to prepare a lamb to be eaten that night, then the blood of the lamb was to be sprinkled on the sides and tops of their door frames.

After they had obeyed all of the instructions that they were given, the 10th plague struck at midnight. Because of their obedience the word of God that “no destructive plague will touch you” and the promise to ‘Pass over’ the homes with blood on the doors held true. The people of Israel were then able to make their escape from Egypt.

The second supper takes place in Jerusalem on a day now known as Maundy Thursday, when Jesus shared the Passover – the remembrance of that saving event in Egypt – with his disciples. As the meal ends Jesus takes a towel and washes his disciples feet. He is setting an example for us of how to serve one another. I’m sure many of us are disappointed at not being with each other to share in the Maundy Thursday service, but the lesson that Jesus showed remains true. We can still obey him by serving each other until this time passes over. The best way we can serve others may be by staying at home like they had to in Egypt. We are also having to use different ways of sharing and caring, making use of the phone, ‘smart phones’, Skype, Zoom, Facebook and more – quite a new experience for many of us.

Next, we leave the Passover supper scene and watch Jesus prepare to go out into the darkness, knowing He was about to be the Passover Lamb. It was His life that would be sacrificed and His blood that would be shed for our Passover into eternal life. Before going back into the darkness hanging over the world and our church family, a line of a hymn comes to mind “I heard the voice of Jesus say, I am this dark worlds light”. Hopefully these words can bring us some comfort and strength and, if we strain further to hear His voice, we might hear Him say:

This Too Will Pass. This Too Will Pass Over.