Happy Christmas?

Aug 4, 2023

Less than 200 days away but in terms of thinking outside the box, about 100 to fill the box as delivery dates are drawing nearer for the Blythswood Shoe Box appeal (https://blythswood.org).

The usual toothpaste and toothbrushes are welcome along with winter mitts, socks, scarves, spa, pens and pencils, hair bands brushes and combs, in fact most things you take for granted.

Maybe a surprise is necessary, a magnifying glass, pack of cards, ball of string, small screw drivers, easy ties, wooden spoons, tin mug, tin plate, kitchen bowl and maybe even fluffy insoles.

You will have noticed most of the items mentioned are for adults, yes we all know children and teenagers love games and toys so nothing changes across the world, so if a pair of pants, top or PJs get into the box it is always appreciated.

Good hunting filling your box and remember if it is in the sales it’s worth the bargain buy.

Margaret Hannah.

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