All Age Family Service

Feb 18, 2018

Our All Age Family Service had a different format to it today as it was taken by the children themselves. Niamh and Addie Jopp had prepared the service on the theme of “Stop Destroying God’s World” and had made a lovely model which was displayed in church. Niamh also played a beautiful flute solo during Communion. Matilda and Chloe took up the bread and wine to the altar.

For the first time we had ‘Fischy Singing’ instead of a hymn. Addie sang the Build Up song beautifully and got the congregation to join in. Lots of schools are now using Fischy Music for their pupils as it supports emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing in children through song. Its overarching aim is to help children feel good about themselves and other people by singing, writing and listening to songs . The charity has its roots in the Christian Faith but their Health and Wellbeing songs and resources are inclusive and appropriate for all children regardless of outlook on life or religious belief.



Provincial Youth News

Provincial Youth News

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